The Oxygen Experience Studio is an adept, viable alternative to the traditional agency or design firm. We are a small but very experienced team that helps today’s business leaders solve difficult marketing challenges with strategy, storytelling and experience design that generate human connections.

Amazon: Pop-up reading room experience design for Kindle
Patagonia: Worn Wear national experiential campaign
Coca Cola: Digital magazine
Microsoft: Marketing Learning catalog for virtual teams
IBM: Watson Warriors developer gamification program
The Seattle Foundation: Rebrand, website, campaigns
T-Mobile: Architecture & content design for merger website
Specialties of the House:

Brand Expression

  • Brand system development and design
  • Strategic narrative development
  • Internal/external campaign strategy & execution
  • Multi-media visual design
  • UI/UX design

Go-to-Market Strategy and Campaign Development

  • Research and market assessment
  • Differentiation and positioning

Video Production

  • Film making and documentaries
  • Branded content 
  • Corporate storytelling 
  • Animation

Experiential Marketing and Activation

  • Physical and virtual events
  • Environmental and 3D design

Environmental Design

The Oxygen Experience Studio consists of a culturally diverse, multi-talented team, founded by accomplished creative veteran and entrepreneur Tad Harmon. The Studio has close working relationships with a variety of partners and specialists including a unique collaboration with the Harlem Film Company.

Because of the depth of the studio members’ experience we grasp problems quickly and move with agility and efficiency. Our group leaders collaborate directly with our client team to create research-based strategies that uncover key insights into our audiences. And then we develop very human, authentic creative solutions that are applicable to multiple environments.

The Experience Studio is Oxygen’s in-house, full-service agency, so we benefit from our company’s infrastructure and processes, and from our teammates, who are experts in change management, people and sales enablement.

If you’d like to know more about how we help businesses generate radical outcomes by connecting with their internal workforce and their customers, email us at: