Sales Enablement Content Design

Keep sellers engaged and coming back for more

A seller’s job isn’t easy. Navigating organizations and customer needs and then connecting the dots to close deals; they do it all. At Oxygen, we’re obsessed with creating relevant content that's up to date, right for a seller’s role and helps sellers get the next conversation.

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extension Common Challenges

  • Keeping seller content fresh and relevant
  • Gathering relevant content and quickly making it usable
  • Giving specific roles exactly what they need when they need it

verifiedDesired Outcomes

  • Sellers have role-specific content to help navigate clients and deals
  • Your agile content design keeps pace with customers and sellers
  • Your programs are indispensable to a seller’s success

Oxygen's approach to sales enablement design

Our role-based approach to sales enablement content leverages inputs from three primary areas: business strategy, customer and seller. Armed with insights from stakeholders in these areas, we create experience maps to guide content development.

Using the experience map, we check assumptions with stakeholders before we begin our design and build phase—allowing for a rapid and iterative build process. We align modalities to the experience map, focusing on what is most useful (and simple) for sellers to consume.

We then test and service the content over time, keeping it fresh, relevant and always centered on sellers. This ensures sellers have exactly what they need when they need it – and are actually using the content created for them.

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