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Sales Enablement

Create inspired experiences that help sellers meet or exceed metrics
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To enable sellers, understand their role

Supporting sellers requires an understanding of both their day-to-day work and how their role contributes to the success of the business.

At Oxygen, we help our clients define sales enablement by its connection to measurable business impact – from setting up the team that supports sellers to creating sales assets, content and learning.

We believe each sales role has different requirements to achieve success. By enabling each role individually, businesses can measure success by role – and eliminate the noise generated by a “one size fits all” approach to sales enablement design.

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Program & Project Management

Architect your programs to gain stakeholder commitment early, deliver quick wins, and adapt to sudden shifts in business.

Experience Architecture

Before you build a house, you need a plan. We think the same applies to learning experiences.

Technology Platform Strategy

Give your customer-facing teams streamlined access to the content they need to be successful – on a single technology platform.


of organizations fail to measure enablement with any traceable areas of impact.
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