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It’s a new playing field, and modern learning is the new black. Learning leaders are acknowledging that innovating their approach is the linchpin to resolving the talent crisis faced by Fortune 500 companies. The Radical Outcomes podcast dives deep into the growth problems Fortune 500 companies are facing and how new approaches to Learning & Development works to solve these issues. Join Oxygen’s hosts and a curated collection of thought provoking guests as they explore the Radical Outcomes made possible by innovative, holistic learning solutions. 


The role of HR in orchestrating change

Tyler Coventry
EVP of Food, KAG

When change happens, how do businesses with large populations of workers in the field shepherd that change and what role does HR play? Join Tyler Coventry, EVP of Food at KAG, one of the country’s leading logistics and transportation companies, andOxygen’s Katherine Shao as they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of a supply chain business in attracting talent and orchestrating cultural shifts


Engaging the Learning Audience by Applying Modern User Experience Design, with Microsoft’s Tamara Horn

Tamara Horn
Sr. Learning & Development Manager - Microsoft

Employees are daily consumers of sophisticated, inspiring digital content, which demands that in order for Learning to engage them, its design must adhere to higher standards of modern User Experience design. Join Microsoft’s Senior L&D Manager Tamara Horn and Oxygen’s VP of Sales Enablement Practice Katherine Shao as they explore how designing Learning with empathy and creativity is generating measurable impact.

Radical Outcomes Podcast Series Featuring Experts from Oxygen

How are leading Fortune 500 L&D teams adapting to the new challenges driven by today’s talent crisis? Each month join Oxygen’s subject matter experts and a collection of creative L&D industry leaders as they examine the Radical Outcomes made possible by innovative, holistic learning solutions. 

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Radical Perspectives Podcast Series with Juliana Stancampiano

There are those who travel through open doors and land in positions of leadership. And then there are those who overcome enormous obstacles and achieve success against all odds. Join Oxygen CEO Juliana Stancampiano as she explores the Radical Perspectives of other badass leaders and learn how to reach the next level in your career. 

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