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Listening to leaders who refuse to succumb to adversity is both inspiring and educational. As a modern consultancy to corporate enterprises for more than a dozen years, Oxygen leaders bring their personal and professional relationships to the studio to share unforgettable stories and insights that engage and enlighten.


Cheryl Hill, Co-Founder & Producer Harlem Film Company

Cheryl Hill
Co-Founder & Producer Harlem Film Company

This month I sat down with Cheryl Hill, the trailblazer behind Harlem Film Company. From her early days as a political activist student to her journey through Hollywood where she became the first Black female creative executive at Disney, Cheryl shares the lessons she's learned along the way. Hear how she navigated working at companies that didn't always align with her values, and how she ultimately founded Harlem Film Company, which hilariously came to be in a white Fiat car. Cheryl's resilience and determination in an industry that is not easy to survive in is an inspiration.


Finding your confidence and your purpose with SCAN Foundation’s Dr. Sarita Mohaty

Sarita Mohanty
President & CEO, The SCAN Foundation

The journey to find your life’s purpose can be intimidating, particularly when faced with discrimination. But for Sarita Mohanty, who also witnessed income and racial inequities early in her medical career, these obstacles led her to her purpose: improving the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. And ultimately to her position as President &CEO of The SCAN Foundation. Sarita’s story is inspiring, illuminating and motivating.


How the Power of Community Can Drive an Extraordinary Life Journey

Colleen Echohawk
CEO, Eighth Generation

The path to success is seldom a straight line. In this inspiring episode, Colleen Echohawk talks about the experiences that shaped her life, beginning with her upbringing amongst her supportive tribal family in Alaska (which coincidentally was very close to Juliana’s), how the decision to attend a community college was so vital to her learning journey, and the invaluable guidance she received from her mentors. Colleen talks about how the power of community, of belonging, and following her personal motto to "drive for impact and let the rest follow," shaped a successful career that took her from public health research, to leading a non-profit, to running for mayor of Seattle, and to her current role as CEO of Eighth Generation.


Native American. War vet. Lawyer. Judge. Dad. With Michael Stancampiano

Michael Stancampiano
Former US Probate and Tribal Court Judge

Michael Stancampiano was in law school when he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. And suddenly he wasn’t sure if he’d ever graduate. But eventually he did just that. He became a lawyer, then a judge, moving from Oklahoma, to Alaska, to Colorado, and briefly to California. Michael worked with native tribes across multiple states, settling land disputes and diving deeply into the Federal laws that impacted their lives – all while raising 4 children. In this very special episode, Juliana interviews her father, sharing insights about her upbringing and her Native American roots.


Designing a Dream Fashion Career with Towanda Vaughns

Towanda Vaughns
Global Denim Director and Creative Consultant

Growing up in the Bronx, Towanda Vaughns’ dreams of becoming an international fashion designer were unlikely. Passion drove her success. She shares how her tenacity and mindset have grown her career in a male-dominated industry as a minority woman. After 20+ years crisscrossing the globe for various name brands, she now lives in Barcelona and is the Global Denim Director and Creative Consultant and Owner of Towy Vaughns Consultancy.


Building Houses and Futures with Pallet CEO, Amy King

Amy King
CEO, Pallet SPC

Many successful entrepreneurs cross between industries. Our guest this month, Amy King, not only crossed between industries to start her own company and a non-profit, she is living out her values of helping others where she sees a need. The conversation is rich and takes twists and turns. From using our privileges to help others to how mentors can help us navigate male-dominated workplaces. Amy King is the CEO of Pallet and Owner of Square Peg Construction, both based in Seattle.


Juggling Family and Success with Dr. Avantika Waring

Avantika Waring
Chief Medical Officer at 9am.health

How do working moms juggle careers, parenting, mentorship and more? This month, Juliana and Dr. Avantika Waring speak candidly about loving work and realizing the double standards for women in medicine and being the only woman and minority in the room. Dr. Avantika Waring has been climbing the ladder as a medical director as well as holding a clinical position working across many hospitals to improve the lives of people with diabetes. She is the Chief Medical Officer at 9am.health


Competition & Connections with CFO, Lindsay Corby

Lindsay Corby
CFO - Byline Bank

Exploring the teammate mentality for success, Juliana talks with her best friend from college and Byline Bank CFO, Lindsay Corby. Lindsay switched from competitive swimming to starting a Division One rowing team when Title 9 provided the opportunity, and the lessons learned stick with her today in the male-dominated field of finance. They discuss paying it forward to other women, the benefits of sitting on boards, and how to make cold-connections on LinkedIn.

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