O2 Studio
Easy to miss?
Impossible to Ignore?
People in the U.S. consume an average of 11.5 hours
of media every day
Today, it’s more important than ever for marketing to “entertain and engage”
The O2X Studio is a world class team of Writers, Designers, Filmmakers, Storytellers, & Brand Strategists,
surrounded by consultants who specialize in people and change management, marketing, and sales enablement.
We’re really, really, good at creating stand-out rise-above-the-noise work that bonds audiences to brands we believe in, from B2Z. We see everything we produce as a unique opportunity to provide a potential customer with
an unforgettable experience.
Branded and focused.
Digital or physical.
In motion or static.
Typically, all of the above.
Data is ubiquitous.
We consume it.
We extract valuable insights.
We share them.
We get to work.
Data is ubiquitous.
We consume it.
We extract valuable insights.
We share them.
We get to work.
Data is ubiquitous.
We consume it.
We extract valuable insights.
We share them.
We get to work.
And we don’t rest until we’ve
Moved people.
To think. To feel. To belong. To trust. To desire.
Brands that trust us

Strategy + Creative

Michael brings a unique mix of strategic marketing experience and go-to-market savvy to our clients. Over the past 15 years, Michael has helped some of the leading B2B and B2C brands in the country achieve and exceed their growth objectives.

Michael Muse

VP Market Growth

Aaron is a seasoned professional with substantial experience in naming, copywriting for all media, and creative direction. Adept at handling the intricacies of new business, launches, and rebrands, Aaron thrives in dynamic environments, excelling in various aspects of social media.

Aaron Smith

Senior Copywriter

A multi-disciplinary creative, Guy brings a bold, future-focused, and authentic approach to designing projects that create impact. He brings expertise in motion graphics, animation, visual design, identity design, design leadership, and product launches/GTMs.

Guy Bevan

Creative Services Lead

A seasoned agency creative serving many disciplines—as director, designer, brand builder and cultural agent. Managed all aspects of the creative process as leader, collaborator and extraordinary multi-disciplined designer in 2D, 3D, digital and brand.

Rachel Roebuck

Creative Director

With over 30 years as a creative leader, entrepreneur, and brand consultant, Tad excels in guiding companies through change. As Principal at Oxygen and head of The Oxygen Experience Studio, he helps define and express renewed brand narratives.

Tad Harmon

Chief Creative Strategist
Any time you stop and listen, you hear the ceaseless roar. The unrelenting demand on our senses. We feel the responsibility to win connection for our clients by emphasizing humanity in every experience we create. Internal narratives that inspire. The aesthetic integrity of thoughtful design. Stories designed to touch the soul. Compassionate requests to show people something that benefits their well-being. Less noise. More connection.
Tad Harmon

Our expertise

Brand Expression
Brand system development & design
Strategic narrative development
Internal/external campaign strategy execution
Multi-media visual design
UI/UX design
Go-to-Market Strategy & Campaign Development
Research & market assessment
Differentiation & positioning
Experiential Marketing & Activations
Physical & virtual events
Environmental & 3D design
Video Production
Film making & documentaries
Branded content
Corporate storytelling
UI/UX design
Tad Harmon
Oxygen Chief Creative Strategist

If you would like to meet a non-traditional, agile, confident, empathetic creative team, drenched in narrative intuition, aesthetic reverence, and respect for our client, let's chat.

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