Skills Development

Develop the right skills at the right time

Oxygen’s library of immersive learning content helps your team develop the skills they need when they need them.

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extension Common Challenges

  • Helping new teams come together and be productive fast
  • Supporting new managers to lead with confidence
  • Building sales team scope and capabilities to meet customer needs

verifiedDesired Outcomes

  • Your new learning program makes an immediate impact
  • Teams have a clear path for getting to the next level of development
  • Content that builds on current capabilities without feeling out of reach

Oxygen's approach to skills development

In today’s fast-paced workplace, it’s easy to miss a step – or realize that you need to back up –  when it comes to developing your team’s skills. Our library of immersive learning content fills those inevitable gaps for you. From helping sellers build relationships with business stakeholders to modernizing your performance management system, we have content to address it all.

And it grew from the same philosophy that guides our custom learning content: Every person deserves an immersive, engaging, and relevant learning experience. Think of our library as your personal team development library, with modular content ready to go when you need it.

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