Measurement Strategy

Connect learning to people and people to business metrics

We partner with you to define metrics that are connected to both your employees’ growth and to your business growth. When the connection between people and business is clear, we find that stakeholders (and funding) always follow.

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extension Common Challenges

  • Obtaining agreement on the programs and outcomes per role required for growth
  • Defining business outcomes and what to measure in strategic programs
  • Creating measurement strategies grounded in business results

verifiedDesired Outcomes

  • Fund key initiatives and operations by communicating business value
  • Align employee improvement with company growth
  • Aid decision making with business impact reports

Oxygen's approach to measurement strategy

Our research shows that high-performing organizations measure the impact of their programs and connect it to business outcomes. This allows CEOs and other executives to see the tangible results of their investments in their people. And when they see these results, they’re more likely to fund the programs that drive those results.

Together we decide what outcomes are most important to your business and to an individual role. Working backwards from there, we agree on what to measure and create an analytics and measurement capability – including reports, visualizations, and insights—to show the impact of employee development.


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