Technology Platform Strategy

Give customer-facing teams the content they need on a single platform

With so many technology choices, selecting and implementing a unified content delivery platform can feel like a chore. We’ll help you cut through the clutter to give your customer-facing teams streamlined access to the content they need to be successful—on a single platform.

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extension Common Challenges

  • Wasted budget on redundant platforms
  • Relevant content is difficult to find and goes unused
  • Existing platforms are underutilized and difficult to navigate

verifiedDesired Outcomes

  • Unified content technology strategy aligned to the needs of sellers
  • Intuitive technology with easy to find content
  • Improved performance of sellers and other customer-facing employees

Oxygen's approach to technology platform strategy

At Oxygen, we’ve seen it all. We understand the pros and cons of each platform – and how to leverage them for improved adoption and usability. We’ll help you assess your existing platforms and develop a unified technology strategy to eliminate redundancy and deliver relevant, engaging and findable content to your customer-facing teams.

The new generation of CRM, LMS and sales enablement platforms include robust content management features. But when leaders across different parts of an organization – HR, L&D, marketing, sales enablement – create content in individual platforms, it leads to seller content that is redundant, irrelevant and/or difficult to find.