Want to learn the secrets from leaders who defy the odds to achieve success? Join Oxygen CEO Juliana Stancampiano as she explores the Radical Perspectives of inspiring leaders. Sharing with us the abundance of badass female leaders around her (and the folks who build them up), every month Juliana and her guest will discuss how they overcome obstacles, build up others, and how we can all reach the next level in our careers.


Juggling Family and Success with Dr. Avantika Waring

Avantika Waring
Chief Medical Officer at 9am.health

How do working moms juggle careers, parenting, mentorship and more? This month, Juliana and Dr. Avantika Waring speak candidly about loving work and realizing the double standards for women in medicine and being the only woman and minority in the room. Dr. Avantika Waring has been climbing the ladder as a medical director as well as holding a clinical position working across many hospitals to improve the lives of people with diabetes. She is the Chief Medical Officer at 9am.health


Competition & Connections with CFO, Lindsay Corby

Lindsay Corby
CFO - Byline Bank

Exploring the teammate mentality for success, Juliana talks with her best friend from college and Byline Bank CFO, Lindsay Corby. Lindsay switched from competitive swimming to starting a Division One rowing team when Title 9 provided the opportunity, and the lessons learned stick with her today in the male-dominated field of finance. They discuss paying it forward to other women, the benefits of sitting on boards, and how to make cold-connections on LinkedIn.

May 3, 2022
May 2, 2022

Building Houses and Futures with Pallet CEO, Amy King

Juliana interviews Amy King, CEO of Pallet, a Seattle-based non-profit building affordable micro-housing for the unhoused and in disaster areas during emergency responses. She’ll share about her journey to this point in her career and advice for others looking to do similar work.