Experience Architecture

Create successful employees by design

Before you build a house, you need structure—an architecture that maps the experience you imagine for those inside. Oxygen creates an architecture for every learning experience, crafted around who will use it, what’s important to them, what they need to be successful and how they will consume the learning.

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extension Common Challenges

  • Moving too fast into design without clear requirements
  • Your learning programs are not being consumed by the audience
  • It isn’t clear why a learning experience was built

verifiedDesired Outcomes

  • Your audience can articulate the clear path of progress for their role
  • The business stakeholders are clear on the outcome(s) being driven
  • Your clear and cohesive architecture enables an easy design process

Oxygen's approach to experience architecture

We’re obsessed with creating easy to navigate and ongoing learning experiences that takes the guesswork out of your audience’s learning progression.

Our experience architects get giddy when discussing what a good experience looks like. They are passionate about asking others what they think a good experience looks like, defining the measurable outcomes and combining those ideas into a cohesive whole.

From the overall experience to each individual asset, we build an architecture to guide it all. Creating powerful experiences takes time, but we think the upfront investment of building a roadmap is worth it. We love to hear stories from people who’ve gone through our experiences say: “This was exactly what I needed to grow in my job—Thank you!”