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Most of our consultants have worked at large consultancies.We draw upon our experience and specialize in helping clients adapt to change by streamlining and modernizing operating models.

  • Culture and Change Communications
  • Organizational Assessments and Design
  • Measurement Strategies
  • Learning and Sales Enablement Strategy
  • Enterprise Agility
  • Post M&A People Integration

Our fundamental belief is that people deserve to achieve success in their work. But feeling successful can be difficult in an atmosphere of constant change. So, we lead them through change. Because it's people that give corporations their best chance of generating the radical out comes that foster business success.

Our work results in an evolved culture of people who are having extraordinary employee experiences, are engaged in their work, united in their vision, and have acquired the skills to be future ready.

Discover what's possible
  • Sales enablement models, strategies, and measurement 
  • Role-specific onboarding and custom enablement 
  • Sales content development
  • Sales coaching and leadership 
  • Sales methodology enablement/implementation  
  • Product and service playbooks for sellers 

CEO Juliana Stancampiano has been in Sales Enablement since well before it ever had the title.  She is a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society formed in 2016 to evolve the practice of Sales Enablement and was the Board President from 2019-2022.

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