Juliana Stancampiano


Juliana opened the Seattle office of Oxygen in 2008 fixated on a set of fundamental objectives: (1) grow a sustainable, profitable business; (2) remain obsessively client focused; (3) hire diverse people who thrive on collaboration and creativity; (4) do work for clients that helps their people be successful at work; and, (5) lead a company that will scale, stay agile and stay relevant. Profitable and growing from day one, while achieving measurable results for a host of Fortune 500s including Starbucks, Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon and DXC, it is safe to say she can check every box and then some. 

As CEO for well over a decade, Juliana leads the efforts to provide in-depth consulting services to execute transformation with a focus on sales and customer-facing teams, leading to the modernization of workplace education, marketing, and sales enablement. 

Juliana authored the book, Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results, which addresses the very relevant struggle of keeping up with the pace of business by focusing on the single most valuable asset: the people.  

Juliana, a Native American and member of the Choctaw Nation, is President of the board of the Sales Enablement Society, the largest non-profit organization created to evolve the role of sales enablement.

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