Architecting Learning Experiences to Drive Successful Outcomes

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The upfront process involved in architecting learning experiences to ensure alignment with business stakeholders.

In this session, Juliana Stancampiano walks through a modern view on how to architect learning experiences that are engaging, drive mental processing and map into what our daily lives look like versus in a classroom.

Covered in her book, Radical Outcomes, she will break down the art of experience mapping so that you can easily take it back into your own organizations and work toward success as it's defined by your business stakeholders, your audience and what you know about adult learning theory.

Expect this to be engaging, hands on and not a one-way dialogue! If you are in the middle of figuring out how to shape an ask - this will be a great place to learn an approach and structure to bring that ask to life for your company and the people that ultimately consume the experience you create!