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Transform outdated operating models to deliver powerful employee experiences
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Achieve business outcomes at scale

In today’s complex business environment, leaders in organizations – from sales and marketing to HR to learning and development – must effectively engage a diverse group of stakeholders to drive business outcomes.

Oxygen helps leaders navigate sudden business shifts resulting from mergers, acquisitions, product launches, or new growth strategies. We partner with your team to modernize organizational structures, apply new technologies, improve agility, and re-imagine experiences at scale.

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Organizational Design

Inside organizational change is opportunity. We help leaders modernize organizations after growth strategies cause shifts in organizational structure.

Program & Project Management

Architect your programs to gain stakeholder commitment early, deliver quick wins, and adapt to sudden shifts in business.

Measurement Strategies

We partner with you to define metrics that are connected to both your employees’ growth and to your business growth.

Oxygen offers the ability to quickly bring in deeply expert people across the entire range of things you need to stand up an enablement program.
Ceil Tilney
Sr. Director, Go-to-Market Enablement, Grand Rounds
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