Creating Relevant & Engaging Blended Learning Experiences

Experience Architecture


Learning Experience Design


Organizations responded to the disruption of COVID-19 by rapidly shifting their learning from in-person to virtual (or online). But the shift isn't over yet. As economies reopen, businesses must rethink how to keep their people connected and continuously learning.

Join Oxygen for a moderated conversation with our learning architecture and design leads, Alex Dunne and Kelley Eskridge, to hear their thoughts on creating multi-modal learning experiences to engage your audience.

In this interactive online event, you'll learn:

  • Emerging trends in blended learning - including new takes on virtual live training, flipped classrooms, and online learning
  • How to think about mixed modalities for different audience types
  • The importance of relevant, consumable content, and how blended learning helps bring content to life
  • Alex and Kelley’s top tips for serving up engaging blended learning experiences