The human impact studio ( t h i s ) is Oxygen’s full-service strategy, creative and production studio. It serves as a sanctuary for marketers, creative directors, designers, writers, filmmakers, and producers who share the uncommon sense of empathy required to create meaningful, human-centric narratives.

Amazon: Pop-up reading room experience design for Kindle
Patagonia: Worn Wear national experiential campaign
Coca Cola: Digital magazine
Microsoft: Marketing Learning catalog for virtual teams
IBM: Watson Warriors developer gamification program
The Seattle Foundation: Rebrand, website, campaigns
T-Mobile: Architecture & content design for merger website

Specialties of the House:

Brand Expression

  • - Strategic narrative development
  • - Brand system development and design
  • - Internal campaign strategy and execution
  • - Multi-media visual design
  • - Branded content development

Go-to-Market Strategy and Campaign Development

Video Production

  • - Independent film making
  • - Animation
  • - Branded content 
  • - Corporate Storytelling

Experiential Marketing and Activation

  • - Physical and virtual

Environmental Design

Prior to being absorbed by Oxygen, The Human Impact Studio was first created in 2019 by accomplished creative veteran and entrepreneur, Tad Harmon. He has curated a culturally diverse, multi-talented team to serve Oxygen’s clientele.

Our creative studio members work side by side with our experience architects and learning designers, as well as our organizational and change management consultants. Together we become deeply engaged in the cultural, communications, and re-skilling challenges facing our clients. We apply consumer agency strategies to produce engaging content that makes learning stick, sales enablement relevant, and motivates teams and customers.   

If you’d like to know more about how we help businesses learn, and communicate in this new era of change, email us at: