Anyone else suffering from screen fatigue and digital information overload?

(Thought so. Welcome to the party.)

But this summer, screen fatigue didn’t mean that important business communication could simply stop.

So, when the Microsoft Learning team needed to prompt their 4,500 global marketers to engage in time-sensitive virtual and digital programs, we would have to think outside the inbox:

How could we empathetically break through the digital noise and get their attention?

Sometimes the solution for a current problem shows up by looking to the past.

And by putting oneself in the audience's shoes. Or in this case, flip flops.

With summer approaching for much of the team, we imagined the experience of how it would feel to get an intriguing surprise in the mailbox – like a magazine, or a catalogue – that one could simply sit down with, in their favorite chair, and page through at their leisure?

So, we produced the Learning Book.

Written in a lighter-than-usual voice, within an oversized format that provided ample open space and visuals, the Marketers could browse brief overviews and take away a few key nuggets from the valuable content of the various online courses and skilling programs.  

And to thank them…

for their endurance, fortitude and participation, we included a QR code that led them to a custom catalog of free, sustainable swag. 

The print piece was received with open arms.

It sits permanently on many Marketers physical desktops, where it serves as a pleasant reminder of the Marketing Learning team's commitment to their well-being and ongoing growth, despite the conditions. 

(Rumor has it that this will be the first of a series of future Learning Books.)

We see this as a new era of learning

a combination of strategy, learning, and brand expression to help businesses prepare their people for what happens next.