On the front lines and in the field:

Leader Onboarding

It is common for successful individual contributors to evolve into new roles as managers and leaders, responsible for building, growing and managing regional teams and accounts in the field.

But even the highest performers often find this to be a daunting transition… 

particularly if they haven't had any prior experience in managing people and are left on their own to figure it out.

So, we were asked to build a scalable program for new field leaders that reimagined “onboarding” to be:

& Connecting

Leader Onboarding Experience Map

We collaborated to create a structure that mapped out the leaders' onboarding journey into a series of “missions.” They would be able to engage in each mission over time, so they could grasp the content and absorb each important learning. 

The program organized the field leaders into regional cohorts, enabling them to

build common connections with their peers throughout the process.

The experience combined virtual live briefings; integrated, additional topics; and self-guided work and preparation.

Despite the disruptions of 2020, the program was so successful and inspiring that it continues to live on, evolving as we refresh the content, so it is relevant for incoming new hires. 

The overall program was more than simply presenting important content in the name of work;

it was a motivating, human experience that created lasting bonds, trust and ongoing engagement. 

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