Fishwise: a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to sustainable seafood

Audience Engagement = Audience Education

Fishwise has an important story to tell

but knew they couldn’t land it with a typical informational website experience.

With an intense amount of information, and a wide variety of audiences, the problem was a common one:

How to educate and inform without overwhelming?

The solution had to be creative. Engaging. And simple.

So, we created on online experience—an entertaining digital adventure with an intuitive interface that any member of the audience could navigate with ease.

Most people simply don't want to read a lot of words.

But most everyone will engage in a highly visual, compelling and modern storytelling experience that lands the essence of the message.

Breaking down the dense and complex, to the consumable and engaging:

THAT is the magic of storytelling, and how organizations can connect emotionally with the people that matter.

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