Claire Durrell

VP Client Development

Claire is a visionary leader distinguished by her adventurous spirit and innate creativity. With over a decade of experience as a client-centric sales and solutions leader, she excels in solving business and people strategy challenges across a variety of industries. Claire's passion for people shines through in her work, as she loves figuring out what makes them tick and using these insights to create joyful and effective professional engagements.

As Vice President of Client Development, Claire weaves engaging narratives and fosters deep connections, driving transformative strategies in learning experiences, sales enablement, and organizational development. Her approach is informed by a profound understanding of Organizational Psychology, equipping her to expertly guide clients through complex transitions and accelerate their growth. Known for her daring to disrupt the norm, Claire embraces risks and thrives amid uncertainty, consistently delivering innovative solutions that challenge the status quo.

Claire’s leadership is marked by a heartfelt commitment to creating emotional connections and a remarkable ability to think conceptually. Her client portfolio boasts names like Expedia, Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Warner Brothers Discovery, and more, reflecting her capability to influence and inspire across diverse industries.

A globetrotter at heart, Claire adores exploring distant cultures and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and five children, whether it's on the golf course, the softball field, or digging for clams at the family cabin on Hood Canal.

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