Creating a measurement strategy to obtain future funding


Grand Rounds, a revolutionary digital health company founded in 2012, established a new Go to Market (GTM) enablement team to support meteoric growth within its sales and customer success teams. The GTM enablement team is responsible for all communications and training for the field from pre-sales to delivery support. However, the team lacked the right technology platform to effectively scale content and training to employees. As a new function, they were also missing measurement and reporting capabilities to show the impact of enablement efforts and gain critical investment in new technology and future initiatives.


Oxygen partnered with GTM Enablement to define robust metrics and reports. These new tools provided the ability to analyze training effects on sales and customer success team performance and the subsequent effect on business metrics. The team mapped Grand Rounds sales methodology against the buyer journey to better align key sales enablement and marketing activities to the customer facing roles they supported. This approach highlighted critical metrics and reports to consider for showing sales enablement activity value in terms of Grand Rounds and their customers.

The engagement resulted in:

“L&D certifications, metrics strategy, technology / platform stack and content architecture; these are wildly different projects and they call for very different skillsets. The quality of the people Oxygen supplied to do this work… it felt like I had the most professional staff you could possibly want.”
Ceil Tilney
Senior Director, Go-to-Market Enablement, Grand Rounds

Our Approach:

Research from SiriusDecisions shows leading organizations create a balanced value model when defining their measurement strategies to ensure value is delivered to both the organization and their customers.

Our team started by mapping Grand Rounds sales methodology against the buyer and customer journey to define a holistic measurement strategy for determining the GTM enablement, product marketing, sales and customer success impact on the organization and customers.

The effort produced (4) sets of metrics organized around the buyer journey (purchasing) and the customer journey (post-purchase):

  • Buyer journey metrics impacting Grand Rounds (e.g. sales ops measures deal size, win rates)
  • Buyer journey metrics impacting the buyer (e.g. information value, value potential of solution)
  • Customer journey metrics impacting Grand Rounds (e.g. customer retention, profitability)
  • Customer journey metrics impacting the customer after they buy (e.g. productivity, time to value)

We then partnered with sales operations to identify the processes and data required to be captured in the CRM and future sales enablement platform to operationalize. The end result produced a metrics implementation roadmap for operationalizing each metric category.