Juliana Stancampiano

Juliana Stancampiano is an author, business leader and strategist focused on helping business leaders and their teams modernize workplace education. For more than 15 years, she has helped leaders translate their company’s sales and business strategy into tangible achievements for people in sales, service and delivery, and retail channels, creating role-based experiences that help people succeed ...


Rob O’Such

At Oxygen, Rob leads transformation & modernization solutions where he helps business leaders develop adaptive, sustainable operating models to accelerate execution of their growth strategies. In today’s “Do more with less” economy, enablement leaders in HR, Sales & Marketing, and IT are under increased pressure to produce results faster ...

Executive Creative Director

Katherine Shao

Katherine is Executive Creative Director at Oxygen, where she is responsible for creating programs and experiences to help senior leaders better understand the change that's going on around them, and how to communicate it up and across their organization. Katherine collaborates with subject-matter experts, clients, and suppliers to render knowledge into formats that are digestible, retainable, and interesting ...