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The importance of UI/UX in learning experience design

About the Webinar:

Think of the last time a technology or app was not intuitive, clear and easy to use - were you quick to forgive, or totally annoyed? The customer feedback doesn't lie - the interface design and experience are the gateway to engagement. Now think of your corporate learning - whether it's an LMS (Learning Management System) that was chosen many years ago, or an intranet that's become a content repository for everything. Learning UI's haven't kept up with the rapidly changing times - and yes, everyone can tell the difference between the slick apps they use outside of work, and their internal learning platforms. Join Oxygen CEO and Author Juliana Stancampiano, and Katherine Shao, Oxygen's VP of Sales Enablement, for a discussion on how UI/UX has become the missing component that connects content to engagement.

What you'll learn:

  • How expectations of modern learning audiences are driven by their experiences with consumer technology
  • How to get a great user experience - without adding another platform to your technology stack
  • Getting the UI/UX conversation going in your organization: understanding the audience, gathering requirements, and setting the scope

The importance of UI/UX in learning experience design

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June 29, 2021


11:00am PT


1 hour

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