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Modernizing your learning and enablement operating model

About the Webinar:

At Oxygen, we have watched business experience the equivalent of a decade of digital change and transformation -- compressed down to a single year. And it's not over. People everywhere are feeling the pressure of rapidly changing organizations, where work environments are shifting, jobs are morphing, and more technology is implemented than they can keep up with. How do leaders ensure that the structure and scaffolding exists to support those rapid changes, as businesses emerge from the pandemic and into new ways of working? In this webinar, Oxygen CEO Juliana Stancampiano and VP of Solutions Rob O'Such will discuss an approach to ensuring the sustainability of the changes.

What you'll learn:

  • What is the key to making change effective?
  • How do leaders prepare their people for new roles and new expectations?
  • Top tips for communicating, clarifying and implementing an effective change plan


Juliana Stancampiano
Oxygen CEO & Author
Rob O'Such
VP Enterprise Solutions

Modernizing your learning and enablement operating model

Register for the Webinar:


August 10, 2021


11:00am PT


1 hour

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