By: Juliana Stancampiano

Oxygen recently ran a study of Learning & Development (L&D) providers and their internal customers, to better understand the perceptions and gaps between the two groups. What we found: L&D gave themselves a failing grade when it came to putting metrics in place to gauge the impact of the training they create; moreover, organizations are far more likely to measure whether someone liked a course – but rarely connected the dots to business impact.

Without measuring business impact or ROI, CEOs may be compelled to ask, “What am I getting for my investment in L&D?”

In a new research study of both providers and recipients of L&D services from over 200 organizations, the Human Capital Institute and Oxygen explored the current state of L&D strategies, processes, and outcomes; emerging to a framework of critical success components for the modern L&D function.

Interested in learning more? Watch the webcast recording and download a full copy of the full report.

In the webcast presented by HCI researchers and L&D thought leaders you will learn:

  • How the L&D function is evolving because of business realities and the ongoing needs of adult learners
  • Areas of impact that L&D leaders must consider for their profession
  • Implications for the operating model of the L&D function
  • Top areas for improvement and upskilling within L&D