Slide Sales Enablement and Workplace Education

Building Experiences

Using our unique Content as an Experience™ process, Oxygen builds scalable, modern enablement and education experiences to help sales professionals, managers, and customer-facing employees achieve exceptional business results.

Employees learn in the flow of work, using content that’s easy to locate, digestible, and connected to the business outcomes that matter.

For each project, we begin by helping our clients define specific outcomes and create the measurements that support these outcomes. For example, we might define an onboarding outcome as “sellers are onboarded when they can close a deal.” This connects the enablement experience to the outcome of generating revenue. By learning about the employees’ environment, what they do, and who they work with, we are able to map everything needed to achieve specific outcomes.

Content as an Experience™ is in sync with the modern working world, and is the best realization of a company’s investments in its customer facing roles. This approach ensures that the right enablement happens for the right audience and at the right time.