Sales Enablement Experiences

Oxygen’s agile approach creates scalable, modernized, role-based enablement to help customer-facing professionals achieve business results. Our enablement architecture is an outcome-based, multi-experience view of what someone must know and do over time to be successful in their role. The enablement we create is integrated with the flow of work over the lifetime of their role.

Why do we do it this way? Ask people what they think enablement means, and most people will say, “Training.” Or ask executives what they believe their business gains from their learning function, and they’ll also say, “Training.” Yet today’s workplace is more complex than ever, especially for sales and service teams.

Oxygen believes that what people need to succeed is far more than just training. Yet most organizations still create generic experiences that are expensive and often aren’t updated leaving the training tools languishing on shelves and in the cloud.  We have found a new approach which we use with our clients to create a service that is agile, kept fresh, and relevant through time.

Our Services

Sales Onboarding and Ongoing Development

Oxygen creates sales onboarding and ongoing development programs that are designed to achieve measurable business results, not check a box. We have helped thousands of sellers achieve tangible quota-based goals in half the time. Currently, sales onboarding in many organizations is either broken or non-existent. Luckily, we have an approach and methodology to create or fix onboarding so that sellers can get on with selling.

Partner Development

Modern selling models in large organizations are complex, involving partners, agents, resellers, and distributors. Oxygen’s role-based approach ensures that the right enablement happens for the right audience. We collaborate with business and channel owners to ensure relevance, scalability, and ongoing upkeep.

Manager Development

Oxygen gets to the heart of management roles. We create enablement and development programs for managers that integrate with their jobs and help them be mentors and leaders of high performers. Don’t let your supervisors, front-line managers and sales leaders remain among the most neglected population. Instead, provide them with ongoing development and coaching, so that your high performers who are promoted into management positions can have the support they need to effectively lead and manage teams.

radical outcomes book

Are you ready for radical outcomes?

Our book is a step-by-step guide for working differently in Sales Enablement.

How We Work

Oxygen’s customized, scalable experiences are created using our role-based methodology, specifically designed for someone in a role (the “audience”) to achieve results that are tied to a business outcome.

Our collaborative process starts with defining that outcome and creating the measurements that support the outcome. For example, “A seller is onboarded when they can close a deal” connects education to the outcome of impacting revenue.  We learn about the audience’s environment and the type of customers they work with and make a map of everything they need to know and do to achieve the measurement.

From this architected view of their role, we build out the enablement, which is delivered through immersive experiences that are appropriate for the type of development and engagement needed to drive the outcome.