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Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams That Get Tangible Results by Juliana Stancampiano

Billions of corporate dollars are spent every year on initiatives to help people succeed in their job, but much of it goes to waste. Across industries, people are scrambling to find what they need to grow and improve at work, and executives are left wondering why these initiatives aren’t effective. Juliana Stancampiano has plumbed the depths of this massive disconnect with her team. With this book, she bridges the gap.

Radical Outcomes is a blueprint for a new way of working. Instead of taking old methods and retrofitting them for new technology, Oxygen unveils a collaborative, fast, and effective way of working that avoids randomness and organizational drag. The book offers a new way of working—the future of the way people and teams will work together.

The future of the way people and teams will work together

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