Service Overview

Oxygen provides in-depth consulting to help leaders take a systems view of enablement. We collaborate with leaders in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Learning & Development functions to be business-outcome-focused through modernizing their operating model (taking into account people, metrics, process, technology, and organization) and becoming trusted service providers within their businesses.

We do this because every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on initiatives, tools, and technology that leaders believe will help their customer-facing teams drive more revenue or customer engagement and loyalty. Yet they lack the internal models necessary to navigate organizational complexity, and the ways of working needed to gather cross-functional knowledge across silos. The result is that too much irrelevant content is created, information is overwhelming and hard to find, and the investments are wasted because their end deliverables simply aren’t helpful for their intended audience. 



Sales Enablement. Oxygen views sales enablement as part of Sales and Marketing, serving as a strategic focus that helps to orchestrate content, skill development, and tools into role-based services that help sellers and sales leaders achieve measurable goals. Your business already has the ingredients for success—we provide you with the operational model to create a “team of teams” that generates impact and minimizes wasted investments. 

Learning & Development/Human Resources. Oxygen believes that there is a significant opportunity for L&D to completely change its business to become the enabler of ongoing employee success. Currently, many C-Level investors view their L&D departments as providers of generic training catalogs that help with compliance, or as last-mile deliverers of business change that is often more of an afterthought than a driver of real shifts in capability. It’s time for L&D and HR to be run as a business within a business—we can make that happen for you.

Post-Acquisition Integration. Major mergers are planned well in advance by a small group of people. By the time a merger comes to pass, the number of people who must embrace or experience change is far greater than the group that planned for it. There are always different cultures and people to integrate. Without a detailed, comprehensive plan of integration over time–for both the business and the people—the result is friction between teams, broken core processes, or gutted capabilities that must be rebuilt. Oxygen has methodologies for planning and executing functional and department-level integration, helping the new entity and its people to emerge stronger and more effective. 


How We Work

Oxygen’s modernization services for functions and departments are delivered using a combination of 1) strategic consulting that helps businesses evaluate their current state, develop a roadmap for change, and make a business case for the impact; 2) agile services that identify and deliver quick wins (for example, sales onboarding that has sellers hitting quota in half the time) and 3) organizational and program consulting with staff and key positions that operate and transition with the future state in mind.