As the leader of Oxygen’s sales enablement practice, Katherine Shao helps companies implement sales enablement strategies that are modern, nimble, and outcome-oriented. An essential part of her work involves aligning various stakeholders – whether in HR, Sales, Marketing, or Learning & Development – around a common model of how to achieve specified outcomes.

Katherine also leads Oxygen’s research team focusing on the most effective ways to carry out sales enablement. She is responsible for producing models and tools for effective implementation and has authored a series of white papers including Working in a New Way: Modeling the Human Side of Organizational Success and From Random Acts to Results: Achieving Business Outcomes Through Role Based Enablement.

Katherine works directly with Oxygen clients to support successful modernization efforts. For example, at a Fortune 100 company, she helped a senior leader secure millions in budgetary funding to transform his learning function. For another client, she worked with the team responsible for more than $100 million in sales to create assets needed for early-stage customer engagement. For a third client, she was on the Oxygen team that worked with the Vice President of Sales Operations to develop his business case for completely transforming his function within a culture that was previously characterized by chaos.

Before joining Oxygen, Katherine worked for 10 years at Forrester Research where she covered the firm’s CIO Leadership Board, co-founded the Sales Enablement practice, and held positions in business development and consulting. Katherine’s diverse background also includes 15 years in Information Technology. A graduate of Bowdoin College, she has a Master’s Degree from Indiana University School of Music.