Katherine is Executive Creative Director at Oxygen, where she is responsible for creating programs and experiences to help senior leaders better understand the change that's going on around them, and how to communicate it up and across their organization. Katherine collaborates with subject-matter experts, clients, and suppliers to render knowledge into formats that are digestible, retainable, and interesting.

An exceptional facilitator and collaborator, Katherine brings creative energy and thought leadership into every engagement. She has been helping teams to build vision and consensus for over 20 years, with a focus on embracing change as an adaptive competency for today's constantly shifting landscape. Before joining Oxygen, Katherine worked at Forrester Research for 10 years where she covered Forrester’s CIO Leadership Board, co-founded the Sales Enablement practice, and held positions in business development and consulting. Katherine’s diverse background includes 15 years in Information Technology, a Master’s degree in Music, and a passion for health and wellness