Sr. Lead Business Operations

Oxygen is a Seattle-based firm that helps companies grow by modernizing sales enablement and workplace education. We provide in-depth consultation to define the concrete business outcomes clients seek and create experiential learning programs for the key roles and people who will deliver those outcomes.

Job Type:

Full Time or Part Time

Oxygen's dynamic operating and staffing model favors those who can plug in quickly and sustain rapid collaboration. We value diversity and have found that certain values, behaviors, and mindsets fit best with how we work.

You’ll love working with us if you…  

  • Emphasize collaboration (both virtual and in-person) and iteration vs. prolonged solo work
  • Focus on outcomes while empathizing with the clients, audiences, and roles we help
  • Respond to client and/or project turbulence with humor, agility, and improvisation
  • Center clients in your thinking, while creating safety for all Oxygen teammates
  • Model a growth mindset and own mistakes, especially client-facing ones
  • Acknowledge and celebrate others for their work and contribution
  • Think long-term and big picture, while sweating the details
  • Are at ease with ambiguity when clarity is not yet achievable

Work Style and Values:

  • Represent Oxygen professionally while using appropriate self-disclosure to build effective relationships
  • Read the room or situation and determine when to contribute, when to inquire, and when to follow up afterwards and with whom
  • Set and ask for clear expectations, respond to timelines, and communicate proactively
  • Model our agile development process with clients (in meetings, designated workshops, or virtually), incorporating feedback and iterating towards outputs or agreements as needed
  • Attune to the client work environment, culture, and work styles to ensure the experience designs created will resonate with and be consumed by the target audience(s)
  • Collaborate effectively across diverse disciplines and organizational boundaries, both within Oxygen and in our client organizations
  • Enjoy the rapid pace and evolution of the agile process
  • Work within defined constraints and let go of what is outside of those constraints
  • Stay disciplined and scoped to the desired experience, keeping impact to both the audience and the business in mind
  • Offer ideas for continuous improvement based on the goals and objectives of the initiative
  • Use storytelling skills to communicate and present
  • Simplify complex ideas as a way of being
  • Flex between strategic and tactical thinking, speaking, analyzing, and generating
  • Bring sufficient outside business knowledge and expertise to help customers see new meaningful possibilities
  • Be a trusted team member, advocate, and ambassador for our employees
  • Escalate issues effectively and with discretion
  • Say, “No, ” and exit gracefully when warranted

Key Responsibilities

The Sr. Lead Business Operations is responsible for managing, scaling, and improving critical operational processes needed to execute the company’s aggressive growth strategy. As a key member ofOxygen, the Sr. Lead Business Operations partners with Oxygen leadership to integrate and improve business processes across Marketing, Sales, CustomerDelivery, HR, and Finance. Key responsibilities include:

  • Contract & Compliance Management: Draft contracting agreements (NDA, MSA, Independent Contractor Agreements, SOW, Work Orders, POs) partnering with   Sales, Finance, and Practice Leads. Manage and track contract compliance to ensure conformance with regulations, security requirements, and performance of obligations within various agreements.
  • Resource Management: Manage and maintain Oxygen’s time tracking system, resource model, and reports used by Oxygen leadership to make staffing decisions on new sales opportunities and current projects. The resource model tracks employee and contractor availability against client utilization targets using project actuals / forecasted hours. Facilitate weekly staffing meetings with Oxygen leadership and advise project assignments.
  • Vendor & Contractor Management: Manage vendor relationships and negotiate subcontracts and rates within target budgets. Manage pool of approved   contractors and conduct regular check-ins on availability status. Collect regular performance feedback on contractors from project team. Manage/conduct background checks and screening on future employees and contractors.
  • SOW Financial Management: Maintain SOW financial templates and reports including the SOW Price & Staffing template and Customer Pipeline reports used to manage Oxygen’s customer portfolio. Conduct monthly / quarterly / annual revenue analysis reviews with Oxygen Leadership.
  • Corporate Systems Management: Administer and manage corporate systems (SharePoint, Basecamp) and documents including organization charts, NDAs, MSAs, SOWs, Contractor Agreements, Purchase Orders and other business documents.
  • Process, Policies & Procedures Management: Create and maintain documented processes, policies and procedures (HR/Talent Management, Finance, Sales, and Delivery).

Functional Capabilities

  • Excellent operations management, process design & improvement, organization, analytical, and communications skills
  • Advise and collaborate with senior leadership to drive effective decision making
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel and business reporting
  • Project Management Professional and/or Six Sigma certification a plus

Key Performance Indicators

  • Meet contract and security compliance requirements
  • Employee client utilization targets achieved
  • Operational metrics and reports: relevant, timely, and accurate
  • Operational process improvement: speed, accuracy, ease of use
  • Ability to navigate challenges as they arise, and pre-empt any that you see coming
  • Clarity of communications with the internal leadership