Change Management Consultant

Oxygen is a Seattle-based firm that helps companies grow by modernizing sales enablement and workplace education. We provide in-depth consultation to define the concrete business outcomes clients seek and create experiential learning programs for the key roles and people who will deliver those outcomes.

Job Type: Contract

Oxygen is searching for a Change Management Consultant to join our team on a 2–3-month contract.  We are searching for detail-oriented candidates possessing strong problem-solving abilities and communication skills. Certified in PROCSI or another change management certification is a plus, but not necessary.

You’ll love working with us if you…  

  • Emphasize collaboration (both virtual and in-person) and iteration vs. prolonged solo work
  • Focus on outcomes while empathizing with the clients, audiences, and roles we help
  • Respond to client and/or project turbulence with humor, agility, and improvisation
  • Center clients in your thinking, while creating safety for all Oxygen teammates
  • Model a growth mindset and own mistakes, especially client-facing ones
  • Acknowledge and celebrate others for their work and contribution
  • Think long-term and big picture, while sweating the details
  • Are at ease with ambiguity when clarity is not yet achievable

Work Style and Values:

  • Represent Oxygen professionally while using appropriate self-disclosure to build effective relationships
  • Read the room or situation and determine when to contribute, when to inquire, and when to follow up afterwards and with whom
  • Set and ask for clear expectations, respond to timelines, and communicate proactively
  • Model our agile development process with clients (in meetings, designated workshops, or virtually), incorporating feedback and iterating towards outputs or agreements as needed
  • Attune to the client work environment, culture, and work styles to ensure the experience designs created will resonate with and be consumed by the target audience(s)
  • Collaborate effectively across diverse disciplines and organizational boundaries, both within Oxygen and in our client organizations
  • Enjoy the rapid pace and evolution of the agile process
  • Work within defined constraints and let go of what is outside of those constraints
  • Stay disciplined and scoped to the desired experience, keeping impact to both the audience and the business in mind
  • Offer ideas for continuous improvement based on the goals and objectives of the initiative
  • Use storytelling skills to communicate and present
  • Simplify complex ideas as a way of being
  • Flex between strategic and tactical thinking, speaking, analyzing, and generating
  • Bring sufficient outside business knowledge and expertise to help customers see new meaningful possibilities
  • Be a trusted team member, advocate, and ambassador for our employees
  • Escalate issues effectively and with discretion
  • Say, “No, ” and exit gracefully when warranted

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Apply accepted change management principles and methods to  project team(s) and initiatives
  • Help the organization gain competency in Change Management – provide tools and process necessary to sustain a change management function
  • Integrate change management and project management plans to enable coordination of effort to derive maximum benefit from change management activities.
  • Provide project management support for multiple, concurrent projects for Strategy Integration program improvement projects and initiatives in support of Change Management

Key Requirements:

  • 10+ years of relevant work experience required
  • Preferred background includes roles in management consulting, corporate strategy, and learning and development
  • Preferred industry experience includes cloud software, apps, digital media, or other high-tech industry background
  • Proven problem-solving, multi-tasking, and analytical abilities
  • Comfortable working both independently and in a team environment
  • Excellent attention to detail and quality orientation
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear, concise manner both verbally and in writing
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office applications (particularly advanced capabilities for Excel, PowerPoint and Word)
  • Ability to align to common change management methodologies such as ProSci ADKAR

Example Deliverables:

  • Model for resourcing change agents.  
  • Documentation of the change management process.
  • Standardized components:
  • Change impact assessment
  • Change strategy for development and planning
  • Communication plan and timeline
  • Structure for defining the employee experience  
  • Standard project plan / checklist for the change management work stream.