Jason Deleon - Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales at Oxygen Jason DeLeon is responsible for building strong relationships with clients to help them make the right decisions about spending budget to drive people development and business results.

He is an experienced sales leader with a deep interest in workplace education and enablement, fueled in large part by his experiences as a management consultant, client manager, and teacher.

Prior to joining Oxygen, Jason grew the technology, retail, and manufacturing verticals for both the Performance Development Group and Xerox Learning.  Earlier in his career, Jason led a global team of consultants and instructional designers for both Intrepid Learning Solutions and Expedia.

Jason is a frequent speaker at leading industry conferences and at universities on topics including designing state-of-the art corporate learning, targeting learning to the audience, and innovative strategies for blending learning modalities. Jason has a master's degree in adult education and training from Seattle University.