Content as an Experience whitepaper

Content as an Experience™
A Modern Approach for Enabling Customer-Facing Roles

To keep pace with heightened customer expectations and shifting markets, sales people and other customer-facing employees require new competencies in order to do their jobs effectively.

Unfortunately many of today’s learning formats are missing the mark: material is either too generic for the role, assets are hard to find, and requests for peoples’ time are out of sync with their on-the-job requirements.

In this report, the Oxygen team explains why Content as an Experience™ is an enablement solution that allows employees to learn in the flow of work, using content that’s easy to locate, digestible, and connected to the business outcomes that matter.


A View of Sales Enablement from Industry Leaders

The Oxygen team interviewed senior leaders at six multibillion-dollar global businesses that have successfully implemented Sales Enablement practices. These executives discussed their frameworks, processes, missteps, and achievements. We’ve gathered all of their expertise here.

We believe that most companies already have the ingredients for Sales Enablement success. This report provides a clear road map for generating impact and minimizing wasted investments.


Working in a New Way


High performing organizations view learning as a process and not just an event. Adapting to new mindsets, new ideas, and changing demands is part of an effective business model, not something a company does when the market suddenly shifts.

In this comprehensive report, the Oxygen team explains how to deliver learning initiatives that align with business objectives by focusing on role-based learning, leadership support, and stakeholder engagement. Discover what this can do to enhance your company’s — and your people’s — success.

Random Acts to Results whitepaper cover

From Random Acts to Results


Learning and development is now a $140 billion industry. However, much of this money is wasted. In this thought-provoking whitepaper, the team at Oxygen clarifies what it takes to create learning and enablement materials that help people do their jobs more effectively.

The key is role-based enablement – clearly identifying what people need to know and do in their specific roles in order to succeed. This report offers essential guidelines for modernizing your learning and enablement functions.