In this webinar, Oxygen CEO + Experience Architect, Juliana Stancampiano will walk through how to architect modern learning experiences that are logical, engaging and map into what our daily lives look like versus in a classroom. This engaging, hands-on workshop will help you shape an ask and bring it to life for your company and the people that will ultimately consume the experience.
Audience participation is encouraged as we'll be using Klaxoon -- an online collaborative application that fosters teamwork, brainstorming and ideation!

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Sales Enablement Sales Management

In many companies, there’s a tug-of-war between sales enablement and sales management. Where does enablement end and management begin?
In this insightful webinar, Oxygen CEO Juliana Stancampiano joins Ray Makela, CEO of the Sales Readiness Group, to discuss this problemfrom a variety of angles. They look at the challenges that sales managers and sales enablement professionals face and suggest ways for them to work together to insure success. In an interesting twist, they remind viewers that sales management enablement is just as important as sales enablement.

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Work-life balance has taken on new meaning almost overnight, as businesses have worked rapidly to assess technology and training needs, while adapting to new workforce management issues. Juliana Stancampiano will outline how, in just a few short weeks, her team responded to large-scale customer changes, as dictated by stay-at-home orders issued around the globe.  

Investing in stronger teams

Juliana Stancampiano explains how the modern workplace has changed and why collaborative team efforts are the key to business success. She discusses a new way of working that includes strategies for creating camaraderie and a supportive environment where teams can flourish.

Learning and Enablement

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Podcast: Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Training Programs

Is the money you’re spending on learning and development being wasted? Juliana Stancampiano tells Adam Homney that knowing why programs are being created, who they’re meant for, and what they’re intended to achieve is essential for success. Listen to her thoughts about how to build effective learning and development experiences.

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Podcast: Driving Business Growth

Juliana Stancampiano talks with Josh Patrick about the importance of focusing on business outcomes when developing workplace learning programs.

Sales Enablement

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Podcast: Build Extraordinary Teams

Does your organization claim to be collaborative—while actually embracing a command and control structure? Juliana Stancampiano speaks with Wes Schaffer about creating cultures in which teamwork genuinely thrives.

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Podcast: Learning and Enablement Success

If your organization tends to double down on training techniques, even when they don’t work, you’re not alone. Juliana Stancampiano and Peggy Smedley discuss the problems with today’s learning and development processes, and explain how to make them more effective.

Radical Outcomes

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Podcast: Creating Radical Outcomes

How does your company measure whether a new employee has been effectively onboarded? Juliana Stancampiano and Kevin Eikenberry discuss why measuring the outcomes—not the outputs—of your enablement activities is key to providing the training and development your staff needs.