Evolving Enablement And Workplace Education

Oxygen provides in-depth consulting to help leaders take a holistic view of enablement. We collaborate with leaders in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Learning & Development functions to ensure the most modern operating model is in place taking into account people, metrics, process, technology, and organization to drive business outcomes in this digital world.

We do this because every year, businesses leaders spend billions of dollars on initiatives, tools, and technology that they believe will help their customer-facing teams drive more revenue or customer engagement and loyalty. At Oxygen we know there is a better way to spend your money, and we have done it before. We work with you to ensure that your function and your people are set up for cross-functional collaboration to create success for the people you serve. When we work with our clients the result is that relevant content is created, information is easy to find and navigate, and the investments made are measured and tracked to ensure success of both your people and your customers.

Our Services

Sales Enablement Modernization

Oxygen views Sales Enablement as part of Sales and Marketing, serving as a strategic focus that helps to orchestrate content, skill development, and tools into role-based (think individual sales roles in your organization) experiences that help sellers and sales leaders achieve measurable goals. Your business already has the ingredients for success—we provide you with the operational model to create a successful formula that generates impact and minimizes wasted investments.

Learning & Development/Human Resources

Oxygen believes that there is a significant opportunity for L&D to modernize in order to ensure ongoing success in the development of people and therefore companies. L&D can shift how it has worked in the past to a modern function that leaves PhD’s on the wall and addresses people development with a humanistic and structured approach. It’s time for L&D and HR to be run as a business within a business—we can make that happen for you.

Post-Acquisition Integration

Major mergers are planned well in advance by a small group of people. By the time a merger comes to pass, the number of people who must embrace or experience change is far greater than the group that planned for it. There are always different cultures and people to integrate. Without a detailed, comprehensive plan of integration through time–for both the business and the people—the result is friction between teams, broken core processes, or gutted capabilities that must be rebuilt. Oxygen has methodologies for planning and executing functional and department-level integration, helping the new entity and its people to emerge stronger and more effective, just as the merger was intended.

How We Work

Oxygen’s modernization services for functions and departments are delivered through strategic consulting that helps businesses evaluate their current state, develop a roadmap for change, and make a business case for the impact. We also provide agile services that identify and deliver quick wins such as sales onboarding that allows sellers to hit quota in half the time.