Customer Service Enablement

Oxygen’s agile approach creates scalable, modernized, role-based enablement to help customer service and support agents achieve business results. Our enablement architecture is an outcome-based, multi-modal view of what someone must know and do over time to be successful in their role. The enablement we create is integrated with the flow of work, over the lifetime of an employee’s role.

For customer service, call center agents, and support teams, today’s workplace is more complex than ever, with customer demands at an all-time high (divinely discontent as Jeff Bezos says).  Oxygen believes that what service agents need is far more than just “training.” Yet most organizations still create generic experiences whose approach to service and agent success is rooted in antiquated, one-size-fits-all modalities that pull people off the phones and doesn’t drive to the root of what’s needed.

Our Services

Agent Onboarding and Ongoing Development

Agent onboarding in many organizations is overloaded with far too much information and many new hires abandon their posts before even taking the first call. This type of productivity-preventing approach is costing businesses billions in lost opportunity and attrition. Oxygen creates agent onboarding and ongoing development programs that are designed to achieve measurable business results, not check a box, and has helped thousands of agents achieve customer service metrics faster and more consistently.

Manager Development

When it comes to ongoing development and coaching, supervisors and front-line managers are among the most neglected population, often times starting off as high performers in the call center who are promoted into management positions with little or no experience managing teams. Oxygen gets to the heart of management roles. We create enablement and development programs for managers that integrate with their jobs and help them be mentors and leaders of their people.

How We Work

Oxygen’s customized, scalable experiences are created using our role-based methodology, specifically designed for someone in a role (the “audience”) to achieve results that are tied to a business outcome.

Our collaborative process starts with defining that outcome and creating the measurements that support the outcome. For example, “A seller is onboarded when they can close a deal” connects education to the outcome of impacting revenue.  We learn about the audience’s environment and the type of customers they work with and make a map of everything they need to know and do to achieve the measurement.

From this architected view of their role, we build out the enablement, which is delivered through immersive experiences that are appropriate for the type of development and engagement needed to drive the outcome.