Oxygen helps companies drive growth by modernizing sales enablement and workplace education. We create impactful learning experiences tied to business results.



As the tech landscape changes, Avaya must continually reinvent itself as a leader in the fast-changing “unified communications” segment of IT. We helped Avaya evolve its salesforce by looking at every interaction the company had with its market through a customer-focused lens.


Delta Dental

Great experiences aren't just for customers—we need them at work, too. Oxygen teamed up with Delta Dental (DD) to drive inclusivity in the workspace. We started with workshops to define their culture and led the conversation to create meaningful new spaces for DD employees. It was part of a broader approach to help the HR function create more meaningful experiences for their people.



We helped our client identify the one big thing separating employee performance from company values and business outcomes – and we removed it.



The expansion and pace of technology deeply affects the way people  communicate. At F5, we reimagined the way sellers can interact with customers, driving connected conversations that improve experience and solutions.



Starbucks stands for diversity and inclusion in many aspects of its customer-facing business. We helped Starbucks assemble a wide range of stakeholders to bring together similarly diverse views in its internal business.


Western Digital

Our client faced a moment of disruptive change in their business – and we leveraged it to define future roles for employees based on a new range of business outcomes.



With so many workflows and interactions moving into the cloud, we stepped in to help the tech professionals at Wipro drive smarter, improved results with their sales managers.