The world of work gets more complicated every day. Customers demand more of us and technology overwhelms us with data and tasks. At Oxygen, we know how difficult it is to keep up, especially for those of you working in Learning and Development and Sales Enablement.

But what if there were a simpler way to drive success? We have devised, tested, and proven a new way of working for learning and enablement professionals. And now, we’ve created an online learning journey to share our way of working with you.

Oxygen Experience is a self-guided tour through 13 interactive micro-learning episodes that will help you:

  • Discover a collaborative way of working to focus on business outcomes instead of just keeping up, in a way that’s agile and effective for all types of professionals.
  • Create simple, engaging, and effective outputs that actually get results, through the new way of working.

At the end of Oxygen Experience, you’ll have a fresh perspective on how to approach your work and clear, actionable steps to take to work toward the outcomes that matter to you.

Mission 1

Episode 1: Let Go of What You Know
What would happen if you had to unlearn a skill or habit so engrained it was second nature, like if the steering on a bicycle was reversed? The Oxygen way of working might feel like that at times

Episode 2 It’s Business Outcome Time
What’s the difference between outcomes and outputs, and why is that difference so important?

Episode 3: The Process is Human
Have you watched people work tirelessly to deliver projects and outputs, only to have the desired audience doing nothing with the final product? That’s a signal that random acts are occurring in a function. In The Process is Human, we focus on bringing stakeholders together to collaborate effectively on stuff that actually helps people succeed.

Episode 4: Putting Divisions Out Of Business
Working across teams and building trust within organizations makes our Role Enablement process tick. We’re not out here to destroy companies org structures —we’re out to help breakdown perceived barriers and help everyone succeed, together. We put divisions out of business.

Episode 5: Why We Can’t Live Without Architecture
We believe it’s essential to have a plan —a detailed one— for every project, output, or program you work on. An artifact that’ll tell you where you’re going and help others figure out where you’ve been. We call it an architecture. Here’s why we can’t live without it.

Episode 6: Practice Makes GEFRN
At Oxygen, we iterate and share work so often, we came up with our own word to describe how we think about the outputs we create. It’s called Good Enough For Right Now (GEFRN) and it’s so liberating!

Episode 7: The Right Stuff
Finding the right people to collaborate with is half the battle, but what do you do when you’re in the room? Here’s our way of getting The Right Stuff from our subject matter experts and business stakeholders.

Episode 8: Now What?
We hope that, so far, you’re picking up what we’re putting down. Enjoy your last episode of Mission 1, and take this survey before moving on to Mission 2. We’d love to hear your reactions to the experience so far.

Misson 2

Episode 9: The Experience: Don’t Leave Home Wtihout It
What does a good learning experience actually feel like? It’s a rush.

Episode 10: Not Your Average Design
In the midst of the new way of working, someone’s still going to be designing stuff. Spoiler alert: our design process feels different, too.

Episode 11: Progress Is All That Matters
Letting go of ownership over something is hard. We could’ve called this episode: Dr. Iteration: Or How I Learned To Stop Worry And Love Feedback.

Episode 12: Create Your Ensemble
Should we be working together? Yes, and…here’s how.

Episode 13: Ready. Set. Fly!
Come fly with us at Oxygen Nation! At the end of Mission 2, make sure to share your thoughts on Oxygen Experience with us by taking the Mission 2 survey. It’s been our pleasure to guide you, and we’re excited to have you in the community.